Red! The Colour of Fall

WHOA Necklace by Quite Lovable
Fora in Red II Bag by
Bayan Hippo
Hand Sculpted Roses by
Made By Mavis
Atmosphere - Art Print by

Continuing with the theme of Fall colours from over at Poppytalk, today is devoted to red. I skipped brown yesterday, just didn't feel like I was ready to delve into the more somber colours yet, there will be plenty of time for that.

Japan Blossom Corsage Brooch by A Alicia Accessories
Spatula Tote by
Orange Crush Capelet by
Kate Towers
COPCO Kettle by
Found Vintage Style

In other news...It's getting pretty chilly in my neck of the woods, I've doubled up on the sweaters, ok, cardigans. I hope this weekend we might make it out for a nice fall hike, we'll have to see how the weather is. Today, Tyke (our dog), is going to have his teeth cleaned, looking forward to no more doggie breath, phew! And tonight Big Chuck and I might even go on a date. Date?! What's a date?!

How about you, any plans for the weekend?

I know someone out there is getting married!! All the best Linda :)

Happy Friday!


  1. My best friend's favorite color is red and she would die over these images. Will have to pass them along. Enjoy your big date. I need to talk my man into that...
    XX Kate

  2. Thanks Kate! I'd be honoured if you passed the link to the blog along :)

  3. That red kettle is fantastic! It's inspiring me to brighten up my kitchen decor a little.

  4. I love the colours of fall! Great picks!

  5. thanks so much for featuring my copco kettle here... you have a lovely blog and I will continue to drop by!


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