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I'm a bit late with the post today, we were at the optometrist and then off to the glasses shops to find a new pair of glasses for Big Chuck. He broke his lenses a few weeks ago and managed to glue them back together with crazy glue, but alas they broke again.

So we're about to pop back out now to pick up the coolest glasses you've ever seen - can you say matte black, handmade in Deutschland - yes, I wish they were going to be mine.

Isn't it then a perfect time to post on fold's wire frame greeting cards?! Take a peek at their website for lots more cute creations.

flold - greeting cards


  1. I love those cards! Such a simple design but so pretty and original...

  2. whoa! Years ago I did Christmas cards with bent wire and it was really fun. Mine never looked anything like these of course, but it was good fun and I will never forget that I tried to take my wire cutters and benders onto the airplane in my carry on. This was just after 911.
    That is a cool raccoon.

  3. i want to see Charles wear his new glasses. they sound amazing. i love the new look of your blog. mom

  4. Thanks! Those cards are amazing. Love the racoon and the little details (p.e. the wedding cake on their website).



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