Wedding worries

I have to admit it - we haven't set a date, found a venue or even decided what kind of wedding we are going to have, but I'm already super stressed out! Things were going well until the wedding reality hit - I have to order tables? chairs? flowers? napkins? music? and the list goes on, probably mostly filled with things I haven't even thought about yet. I know this sounds bah humbug-ish of me, but can't we just elope? I'm so torn. On one hand, I love my family and friends and it would be so special to have them all in one place to celebrate with us, but on the other hand, some of them don't love each other and all that time and money going into just a few hours seems absurd!

Any thoughts from other brides? Will I regret not getting married in front of family and friends?


  1. Bess!

    I'm getting married in January! (found out a week ago!) Totally freaking out. I registered yesterday and it was torture. And then I think about all the money that could go into this that we could save and use after we're married?.... it's all really confusing, and I think weddings have become too status related and not enough marriage, love, family related... that's why I am doing everything I can myself. DIY affair.

    good luck. we can lament together whenever you'd like


  2. thanks for your comment Lizzy! I know - what a headache, and I feel like in a perfect world the whole affair could be done much more cheaply and with a lot less stress!
    good luck with your plans and keep me posted (i might just have to borrow some of your diy ideas!!)

  3. Honstly Bess, go somewhere tropical and invite your mom and sister and a few people who wont fight with each other and just elope.
    Or just do it at city hall. Its a waste of money, is overly stressful and for what? So other people can enjoy themselves after you planned you ass off?
    I agree DIY is awesome. If I had my way we would be heading to Cuba and getting married on the beach.
    The only thing I recommend is that no matter what you do, get your dream dress. Regardless of where it is, a bride is NEVER over dressed.

  4. I say have your dream wedding (within reason abd budget), if you cut things out you might regret it. Before my wedding I felt a bit like Linda feels now but now looking back I wish that I didn't cut things out. I think its worth the effort.
    Good Luck, Ashley

  5. As I'm planning my wedding right now, I realize that it is a very costly expense and I am lucky to have the bank of M-o-m giving me money to help make us be able to afford the fancy party. I think you have to put your money where your values are. For me, it is going to be priceless to have all the people I love in one place. As for the crazy details, I believe that a wedding planner is worth their cost (about $3000). There are places you can get married where they pretty much have it all figured out and you just show up......pretty much. Such a dilema.


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