Joseph Wu's Origami

Joseph Wu's Origami - Ghrung

Here's something a little different for this week's Canadiana Tuesday - origami! Hailing from Vancouver Canada, origami master Joseph Wu has some amazing photos of his work up on his flickr page. He has even posted some instructions for those of you who would like to attempt to fold a single square piece of paper into a common loon. Let me know how it turns out ;)

Joseph Wu's Origami - "Lion (take 2)"
Lion (take 2)

Joseph Wu's Origami - James P. Sullivan
James P. Sullivan

Joseph Wu's Origami - Ground Pork (take 5)
Ground Pork (take 5)

Joseph Wu's Origami - Wallaby

Joseph Wu's Origami - Owlbear - standing adult (final)
Owlbear - Standing Adult (final)
all photos:
Joseph Wu

I don't know what an "Owlbear" is, but I like it!

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