Joe! I missed you

Ahh, home sweet home. One of the best parts of coming home, besides seeing my family, friends and listening 24/7 to the CBC, is visiting Joe! And, as if I ever needed a reason to stop by, this time I really did have to purchase a whole new wardrobe. Air France lost my luggage, grrrrr! It's not so bad, as long as I get it back today or tomorrow, it will only be a minor headache. Lucky for me, my mom and I pretty much wear the same size - and her clothes are way cooler than anything I had packed in my suitcase. Thanks Mom!

So, guess where our first stop was yesterday after I got home, that's right - Joe Fresh. For those of you unfamiliar with Joe, it is a clothing store owned by one of Canada's largest supermarkets, Loblaws. I know, clothes at the grocery store... a bit odd, but I assure you, it's really genius. Especially when the designer behind all these low priced pieces, is Club Monaco's Joesph Mimran.

This fall, at Joe, I covet:

cute plaid shirts and layered sweater vest

I think I might need to go get this jacket

or maybe this one...

And of course, we can't forget Big Chuck

Check out the mix'n'match feature on the website too - it's fun!!

Photos: Joe Fresh Style


  1. Welcome home Bess! I'm sporting those boyfriend jeans today.
    Sorry to hear about the luggage loss...they always find them though.
    You're lucky though, if I had to wear my mother's clothes I'd cry.

  2. lol, you're funny! yes, I am quite thankful for my fashionista mom ;)


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