The Brothers Bloom

Bloom Brothers 7
Rachel Weisz in The Brothers Bloom

Big Chuck and I watched The Brothers Bloom on Friday night, and I have to say I fell in love with Rachel Weisz, who plays Penelope Stamp, and her wonderful wardrobe. I grabbed some stills off my computer of some of my favourite outfits from the film. Her style is adorable yet chic, one day when I have a plump little bank account, I want to dress like that too!

Bloom Brothers 1

Bloom Brothers 2

Bloom Brothers 3

Bloom Brothers 4

Bloom Brothers 5

Bloom Brothers 6
photos: The Brothers Bloom

If you haven't seen this film I would absolutely recommend it. It's quirky and fun, beautifully shot and the costumes, set design, and acting are all spot on. And for the gentlemen in the audience don't despair; the movie begins with a crash between a bright yellow Lamborghini and a Schwinn bicycle, complete with banana seat.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I agree- very chic! I love the ruffle neck dresses.

  2. We just put this in our queue. What a fantastic looking film.

  3. This is on my list - so I am glad that it came highly recommended. I love her outfits - can't get enough of ruffled clothing!

  4. My mom told me about this movie and said it was really good. Gonna have to check it out :)

  5. Lovely screencaps- I found your blog because I've been trying to find out all about the costuming of this movie, I just fell in love with Penelope's character and wardrobe! According to Rachel Weisz about a third of Penelope's wardrobe are actually her own clothes.

  6. OMG!!! I am so glad you found stills of this! I am dying to buy the cream dress!!!


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