I need a makeover!

Photo: Nicholas Haggard (via simply photo)

I know that Spring is supposed to be the season for renewal, but I often find myself wanting to transform everything I own come September. As the weather gets cooler, I have more and more "I hate all my clothes" crises, and the urge to go shopping for luxurious new fall/winter outfits is strong. Well... strong is a relative term, since my default shopping setting is to avoid it at all costs.

But this year, as fall creeps closer, it's English Muffin I'm longing to revamp. I have been thinking about doing it for a few months already, and just haven't been able to find the time to dedicate to making over the blog, website, Etsy and Big Cartel shops. I feel like my brand could be more unified, like I need to set some standards and stick to them. How's that for marketing speak?

I find it so much easier to see other companies objectively, what works what doesn't, where brand unity falls apart. I have a much harder time seeing these things in my own work. Does anyone have any good examples of well branded companies, seamless identity from website to shop to products - I'd love to hear your suggestions. For now I'll continue holding my brand development meetings on my bicycle between work and home.

Have a great Monday!

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