Postcards from Panama - week 2

Big Chuck sent home another batch of photos from his adventures in Panama. I love seeing his pictures, he's such a talented Jr. photographer! I have a few more details about what we're seeing than last week, but I'm sad to say that we're still only communicating via google chat. How did anyone survive in long distance relationships before the invention of Skype?!

The pharmacy in Panama City

One of the scientists at the research centre is working with fruit bats. This little guy/gal eats figs. Don't worry they are caught and then released :)

Palacio de las Garzas, or Heron's Palace, is the residence of the President of Panama. The herons roam the courtyard freely. How nice...

Thanks Big Chuck!

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  1. great pics, is the first one a tree house or is the tree in the house?
    I believe the bat must have sharpened
    its teeth. I love the palace of the herons!


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