Muffinettes - Bite Sized Fun!

(photo: Lottie + Doof)

Today's the day!! Big Chuck arrives home this evening. I will of course be meeting him at the airport in true fiancé style :) I'm also thinking of what to make him for dinner. Usually he wears the chef pants in the family, but after a long flight over the Atlantic I can hardly expect him to wait on me hand and foot.... can I?? No, no, we'll give him a day to recover.

In my effort to find a meal worthy of his homecoming (and this heat wave) I've been visiting all my favourite food blogs. I have a bunch of them listed under "Yummy Blogs" in the sidebar, but I've been a bit lazy keeping this list up-to-date. So, for today's installment of Muffinettes I thought I would give you the links to my new favourites. Yay, party in your kitchen!!

Lottie + Doof - pretty pictures and fun recipes

- I want to make everything...

The Wednesday Chef - currently featuring a recipe for Marillenknödel, an Austrian delight!

Dorie Greenspan - the New York Times of food blogs

Whipped - even the name sounds delicious

Homesick Texan - it's just fun to see what they make, and pretend to know what "Cow Head Barbacoa" is.

All of these blogs have great blog rolls of their own, so be sure to explore, Mahlzeit!

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you on Monday :)

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