Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Records!

Hey everybody, happy Friday.

This week my post focuses on two of the three R's - records and recycling. Check out some of the goods made, or re-purposed as they like to put it, by Vinylux.

(photo from elsewares.com)

(photo from elsewares.com)

(photo from vinylux.com)
Album cover sketchbooks

From Vinylux's website...

"Vinylux products are created from recycled vintage record albums that are transformed into a variety of new designs. The original record labels are intact and represent some of the most popular music ever put on vinyl. We work with LPs, 45s, and vintage album covers to create personal, unique gifts that bring vinyl records back into your home. We can even use your own records to create the products specifically for you. All of our items are made in the spirit of re-purposing. We try to re-use, re-present, re-cycle, and re-imagine the materials that go into our products."

Just don't try to melt your own records into tableware (unless they belong to your ex that is ;)


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