Delicious Design

"improving the eating experience in front of the TV"

I need this! The world was onto something with the invention of the t.v. tray, but the 1950's have come and gone and where are the t.v. trays of the future - or at least of the present?

Swedish (of course!) designer Lina Meier is behind Ollo Eatingwear a dinner set designed not for the table but for your hand. The bowl is a perfect spherical shape with a weight in the centre to ensure it doesn't fall over when you put it down. It is air insulated to protect your hands from hot food and there's a rubber ring around the rim of the bowl to prevent cutlery from slipping off while you reach for the remote or your drink. So practical and of course lovely to look at, check out some of Ms. Meier's other designs including sustainable milk packaging.

Ingenious, non?!

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